Sink Blockage Clearing

When you find a blockage in the sink or toilet, a plunger may do the trick, but usually the problem is a bit further down the system – Drainage Guy can help.

Kitchen Drain Cleaning

We deal with day to day drainage problems and we know how important it is for the drains to be kept clear. Not least for everyones health and wellbeing. The issue with blocked drains in the kitchen or bathroom is very often the build up of soap or hair and other foreign objects. These get stuck deep inside the pipes and often need expert attention to get the water flow back on track quickly and efficiently.

There are all sorts of things that get stuck in the drain and add to the problem is untreated such as conditioners and shampoos. In the kitchen – fats and detergents accumulate and the drain flow becomes slower and slower.

Clogged Toilet Service

When Drainage Guy is called to unblock a toilet, the problem is often found outside much further down the drainage system.

Then there are sinks, which we find get clogged with fat, rice, and other materials that enter the traps and bends. Debris solidifies.

Because soap and hair can cause blockages in the bath or shower, we need to locate it and remove it before water will flow properly.

Sink Blockage Clearing

If you find water is accumulating in the toilet, bath, or sink, you probably have stopped drainage. We at Drainage Guy are fully equipped and we have the knowledge to make sure even stubborn blockages are removed fast. Please feel free to call for a no obligation quote.

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