Root Removal

Tree roots often prove to be reason for drain blockages – requiring removal.

When the ground becomes disturbed, back-filled trenches for drains act a passage for tree roots. Moisture from condensation help roots to grow further, making the problem worse.

Tree roots gain access into the drainage system. They enter inspection chamber walls and benching too.

Much of the UK drainage infrastructure is built from clay pipes. The joints use sand and cement. This offers little resistance to growing fine tree roots. Once inside they can then develop into root masses – reducing the internal space inside the pipe – choking it and causing a blockage.

Even the modern drainage systems installed using rubber seals are prone to root ingress if not protected by a tree root barrier.

Tree roots inside pipework allow solids and foreign objects to build up, eventually leading to a blockage. Roots grow and damage the joints, leaking water into the sub-soil supporting the pipes. If not treated, these roots and uncontrolled water flows can present major structural damage. Such problems can easily cause drains to collapse. Above the surface; further cracks appear in driveways and on pavements. Tree roots can be cut and freed from the drain with special Root Cutting equipment, and must be powered by high-pressure water. We can also carry out bespoke repairs to pipework and drains.

Our expert Drainage Guy engineers remove roots safely and treat them to ensure they won’t come back. Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote appointment.

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