Trench Digging & Pipe Laying

Drainage Guy takes great pride in how we lay pipes and dig trenches. We do it to a very high professional standard and we are fully qualified in health and safety practices.

Don’t underestimate the hard work involved with home improvements such as laying new pipes. Such a task can prove expensive and even dangerous is undertaken lightly. Please consider hiring a skilled professional to dig your trenched. Take away great hassle and expense in the long run with Drainage Guy.

UK drainage systems often involve two types of piping – plastic or clayware pipes. The ground that these pipes sit in can very greatly and it makes good sense to hire a professional who can survey the area.

From time to time pipes are too old for repair. In such circumstances we replace old for new. We also lay pipes connecting toilets and sinks.

Trench Digging from Drainage Guy

We undertake digging projects to customer requirements, and take the necessary steps to gain correct permission, or health and safety checks for the area.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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