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For the complete drainage service:


Count on Drainage Guy!

Blocked Drains, Repairs, Kitchens,
Sinks & Bathrooms, CCTV Inspections….


For the complete drainage service:



Blocked Sink, Toilet, or Drain? Help is here…

Drain Services

Whether you need help with a Blocked Drain in Bromsgrove, or have a Blocked Sink in Worcester, count on Drainage Guy. Our team of Drainage Guys are fully qualified with many years of experience and are fully insured. So if your Toilet is running or your pipes are clogged, no big is to large or small for Drainage Guy!

The full drainage service…

Drainage Guy is a well established team of engineers with vast experience of call outs, unblocking drains, and solving a wide range of drainage issues. We are specially trained to find a quick solution for your blocked drain. We have a great reputation too. General objects around the house cause problems in drains. Blockages from fat, grime or even cracked pipes or sunken roots can cause great hassle, but we are here to help. The Drainage Guys fix blockages quickly and reliably.

Fixed Rates…

There are no hidden prices, often we can provide a fixed cost, and if required we can survey the area in greater detail, using CCTV Inspection to provide an accurate diagnostic and costing. Our drainage engineers are local to you, and as such are available 24 hours a day.

The Drainage Guy for Safety…

We understand that life is hectic, and those little ones need their water, so we will get your family back on track in no time. Our engineers are fully trained and insured to meet the highest standards. Have you noticed a Blocked Drain? Smell something coming from the drainage? We are experienced with clearing all types of blockages. We can manually clear a blockage and provide a long-term fix. We operate power jetting.

CCTV Inspections…

CCTV Inspection are a great way to find out what’s happening with your drain without too much hassle. We can locate problems in a convenient way. We can provide a resport for new home buyers or insurance companies.

Drainage Guy has your back!

Please count on us for any of the following issues.

    • Blocked and broken drains
    • Clogged and broken pipes
    • Cracked and leaking drains or pipes
    • Overflowing and leaks in septic tanks or cesspits
    • Overflowing and blocked drains
    • Broken and blocked sewer systems and sewage pipes
    • Problems with community shared drains
    • Blocked toilets or blocked showers
    • Bad Odours
    • Cracked drains
    • Collapsed and blocked drains
    • Fractured drains or pipes
    • Failed and broken soakaways
    • Tree roots causing damaged drains
    • Removing Tree roots from drians
    • Ditch problems
    • Bellied pipes
    • Bellied drains
    • Ground movement or instability causing drainage problems
    • Vehicle and activity affecting your drains
    • Concrete, cement and builders’ rubble in the drain
    • Land drainage issues
    • Joint problems and displacements in pipework or drainage
    • Built up fat, grease, detergent etc. in the drain
    • Water level issues

And so much more.

Typical drainage issues likely covered by your accidental damage insurance…

Drainage and Soakaways suffer fractures from roots, movement, traffic, or other problems causing ‘bellying’ / cracking of the drains. Your Cesspits and Septic Tanks can suffer from cracks, leaks and also collapses for various reasons, which include trees, ground movement and vehicles. Toilets, Sinks, and Drainage from inside the house becomes blocked as a result of cracks.

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Early Signs of a Drain or Pipe Blockage

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Sink Drain Cleaning

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“We had an extremely blocked drain at our property which was attended to and cleared straight away. The engineers were very good and explained what they were going to do and then demonstrated the work using CCTV camera equipment,. All done within an hour. Would recommend and use again if needed.”
Drainage Guy offers drainage services such as: Drains and Pipe Relining, Drainage Excavation, Tree / Branch / Root Removal, Sinks, Toilets and Baths, Guttering and Gullie work, Manual Drainage Rodding, Descaling, Manhole Repaired, Pipe Laying and Trench Digging, Quality CCTV Inspections & Surveys, General Drainage Clearing and more…

We understand that blocks can often be caused by rats or other vermin, also flushing insoluble items such as nappies or wet-wipes down into the toilet. We can cover areas in the midlands and many outer areas. Please take time to look at our drainage services and contact us. We do everything we can to exceed expectations.

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