Professional Drain Cleaning

All drains require a good clear out from time to time.

Drain Cleaner Service

Fats build up, and even washing detergent can leave a lasting residue. Silt and minerals in the water will all eventually reduce the water flow and a lead to a blockage.

Professional Drain Cleaning

Drainage guy has many ways to beat the blockage. We offer high pressure water jetting for the most stubborn obstacles. This means we can treat the area without using anything abrasive or which might leave lasting damage.
We can strip through the block in no time leaving your water flowing again. We don’t use dangerous chemicals and your family safety is our priority.

Blocked Drain Cleaning

Drainage Guy can clear pipes and drains leaving you satisfied that you called the right team! Our solutions often help prevent future blocks too, so please do get in touch for a no obligation chat and let’s blast that blockage!